About Mandala Naturals

My name is Izabela, I am an entrepreneur and creator of natural, holistic skincare brand, Mandala Naturals.

Mandala in Sanskrit means circle, represents a wholeness, completeness, like our products...


Our products are MUCH MORE than a mixture of a variety of botanical ingredients even, they are organic. 


Our passion is creating the products full of rich botanical ingredients but also more energetically active, more alive, vibrant, products which after application, will resonate with your skin and your whole being, at the same time will be more beneficial for your skin, more effective.


 After a long research about the effectiveness of sounds vibration and Inspired by many scientific studies about the significant influence of sound waves on the plant's cells, molecules of water, we started to infuse our products with 528 Hz sound frequency.


We believe that by treating our products with this frequency, which is known as a miracle frequency, frequency of love, it will increase biophoton levels of the botanical extracts used in the products, it will be carrying the vibration to the skin on cellular level creating a harmony and wholeness between you and nature where the ingredients are coming from.  


Besides the sound bath, we also expose our products for affirmation of love, vitality, beauty. The power of words was an object in many studies as well showing incredible results how powerful our words are that they can change the other matters.

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You can learn more about our philosophies and nutritional recommendations on our blog or our Facebook page.

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